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What workout is best for weight loss?

Updated: Sep 19, 2019

This was a question put to me today, while I was stood debating how much halloumi to have with my dinner.

Now there’s lots of things out there that say things like ‘HIIT training is best for fat loss’ or ‘fasted cardio for MAXIMUM results’

But let’s say your goal is to burn 400 calories in a workout.

Does it matter what you do providing you’ve burnt 400 calories? No not really.

I went for a 3 hour hike on New Year’s Eve and burnt about 1,300. I can do 30 mins of HIIT training and burn about 250/300.

I enjoy them both, would I get up early and do fasted cardio because there’s a teeny teeny chance it might burn a few more calories than doing the same workout a few hours later?


Do what you enjoy. If it’s spin, yoga or hiking. If you enjoy it you’ll do it more and burn more calories that way.

Or be like my sister who doesn’t exercise and stays thin anyway. Jokes will be on her when she’s 30 and her metabolism kicks in....

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