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Symptoms of menopause - is skin feeling like it’s on fire normal?

Perhaps it’s been a while since you’re last monthly visit, maybe you’re noticing your hair has started to thin a little, skin is itchy, eyes are dry or no matter how many squats you do your booty has just lost its oomph.

So you jump on google… wondering if this is normal/what is happening/ someonepleasehelp and after about 40 minutes of convincing yourself you don’t have some rare skin disease you end up at the m word.

Menopause. A word that sends shivers down women’s backs everywhere.

So rarely talked about it is like a mythical creature but 100% of women will go through it.

So lets start.

You have 3 stages of menopause:

Peri-menopause – This is where your hormones start to decline, typically when you will experience most symptoms and can start as long as 10 years before you hit actual menopause.

Menopause – exactly 1 year after your last monthly visit is when you hit menopause.

Post menopause – This is after it has been 1 year since your last visit. Usually just referred to as menopause.


The list is long so I’m going to list the most common ones:

- Irregular bleeding, bleeding heavier than usual, maybe for longer.

- Mood swings, irritable, brain fog, depression, anxiety, memory loss.

- Itchy skin, dry skin, dry hair, dry eyes, weird taste in mouth.

- Fatigue, joint pain, muscle pain, heart palpitations.

- Less of sex drive, muscle mass decrease, hot flashes, sleep disruption.

- Weight gain around your waist, PMS style cycles.

I could go on, but you get the picture. I can effect pretty much every area of your life. Or you might not have any symptoms and that’s okay too.

There are many different routes to take with menopause depending on your symptoms and how much they are impacting your life but if you’re interested in a more natural approach or maybe you just want to know more about what the eff is going on with your body then sign up for my M-support group here

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