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Pelvic Floor Bible by Jane Simpson - Review

Updated: Sep 19, 2019

2 minute review – cos you want to know if it’s worth buying right?

There isn’t many books out there about pelvic floor work, especially not many factual books. This book came out earlier this year, it’s just shy of 200 pages but the pages are FULL of information.

What does it cover?

Everything. From constipation to urinary leakage in male and females. Full of diagrams if you’re a visual learner and descriptive text along side with charts. It talks about pregnancy, menopause, stress incontinence and even how your stools relate to your pelvic floor. This book is packed with information with educational tools to help you fix the most common issues.

How does it read?

It’s a little textbook like, so if you’re someone who likes a little humour in your books then this book doesn’t have it however don’t let that put you off the gold in this book that will help everyone. If you’re someone who doesn’t even know what the pelvic floor is then do not fret because this book covers EVERYTHING.

How does a book talk about one area of muscle groups so much?

There is so much to the pelvic floor like this book explains. Not only that but the author also talks about retraining your bladder, prolapses, faecal incontinence and so many other subjects that are seen as taboo today.

It is said that 1 in 4 women over the age of 45 will have a degree of incontinence and 1 in 5 will suffer faecal incontinence so it is worth educating yourself in this area. Guys, you also won’t get away without having any issues, although the chances are lower it is worth knowing how to engage your pelvic floor.

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