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Menopause can be a hard time for women

Natural or medical, the symptoms can come on thick and fast and there's no way of knowing which ones you'll get and how severe. Brain fog, sleepless night, anxiety can make any strong woman crumble and question their confidence.

But what if you live with someone? Does it have an impact on them aswell?

The change in hormones can massively change any relationship you're in. It can make you feel withdrawn, it can cause depression and can make you irritable. Hardly a winning combination for socialising and if you live with someone small things like how loud they breathe might start to really get on your nerves.

Another thing that can happen during menopause is a change in your libido - a lot of women at my workshops talk about how they still love their partner but they just have no interest in sex. Sometimes they talk about how this had lead to arguments because their partner thinks they're just not interested in them anymore.

As your oestrogen levels start to drop the skin around your vagina changes too, skin can become drier, thinner and can even tear (if you are suffering vaginal atrophy have a chat with your women's health physio) This can make intercourse very painful, understandably you're probably not going to want to do that on a regular basis.

So how do you navigate all of this?

Start an honest and open conversation around sex with your partner. Tell them that you still love them (if you do, not judging if you don't) and explain what you're going through. Tell them your symptoms and also how they can support you with some of them.

Don't suffer in silence. Reach out to your gp if you need help, there's load of medication that can help with vaginal dryness. Not ready to go to your GP?

There's an amazing company called Yes - The Organic Intimacy Company who do a huge selection of natural lubes, vaginal moisturising gel and other products that help ease pain and discomfort.

Also remember you're not alone, every woman will go through menopause at some point in their life.

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