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Realistically who is going to notice if you gain 1lb?

Updated: Sep 19, 2019

To gain 1lb you need to eat 3,500 calories over your maintenance calories.

This is about the equivalent of 1 XXL pizza from Papa johns (I do recommend the festive pizza)

7 large fries from McDonald’s or 7 Big Macs

Anyway you get the picture. It’s a lot.

Now let’s say over a week you eat a few extra quality streets and maybe an extra mince pie = 600 calories and you do this for 3 weeks.

600 x 3 = 1,800

So sure it’ll slow down your weight loss (if that’s your goal) but it won’t drastically change your body shape.

Everyone knows calories consumed Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Boxing Day don’t count.

So don’t beat yourself up over eating a few extra treats because when you stop eating them the weight will come off anyway

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