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Handling Menopause during Coronavirus

These times that we are all going through right now can be incredibly challenging. Many of us have had to acknowledge that we won’t see our families for a few weeks, we’ve had to deal with food shortages and essentially being grounded for the next 3 weeks.

All of this can be causing havoc with your mental health, your physical health and your stress levels, so where does this leave you when you’re going through menopause?

Increased stress levels can aggravate your symptoms

You might have noticed that you have new symptoms, maybe your current ones have flared up a little more? This is normal when you’re stressed. Now I'm not going to tell you to be less stressed, that won’t help but I can give you some techniques to manage your stress levels.

Taking 5-10 mins in silence for you. Taking slow deep breaths, in through your nose and out through your mouth. Just telling your body that where you are is safe because even though its 2020 your body doesn’t know the difference between stress that is life threatening and stress because your child is having a tantrum because you gave it the yoghurt they asked for.

Your skin might have changed

Again, stress has a lot to answer for. When you’re going through menopause your skin can become dry, itchy and you might even have more frequent break outs. Find an alcohol free skin care routine and have a look at your diet because if you’re like me when your stressed then chocolate won’t help.

You might have more mood swings

We’re in a weird stage at the moment, suddenly your family forget how to clean up and every time your partner pulls a face because you said something you kinda wonder why you got together in the first place. Maybe you’re snapping more, maybe you’re feeling more irritable. Maybe you’re wondering if being menopausal will get you off murder charges.

This is normal, this will pass and hopefully things will return to normality soon, for now find yourself a sanctuary. Maybe a hot bath, maybe locking your family outside in the back garden (social distancing)

If you’re feeling out of sorts, you’re not the only one. I’m just a message away if you need to chat!

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