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Updated: Sep 19, 2019

Let’s debunk a popular nutri-myth today ;)

Every day we can see nutrition in the news, social media, TV programs, chat shows, magazines, papers.

In order to understand a good source of scientific evidence we need first to understand factors such as the publisher’s INTENTIONS.

What I’m trying to say here is that the owners of massive magazine companies with millions of subscribers are SUPER likely to publish WHAT SELLS in favour of what is scientifically accurate.

Selling a magazine with an article about Madonna new Chili powder and honey diet, and how this “revolutionary new strategy” could help you shed a million pounds of fat per day,

Is FAR sexier than simply publishing an article on the same topic, but instead talking about how there is no scientific evidence whatsoever to suggest this approach will result in weight loss.

Now as annoying as this is, we have to realise it’s NEVER going to change.

(Can you imagine how many times I pull my hair out every day with all these sensational celebrity endorsed claims coming out every other day of the week?! Haha…)

So in response just have a think about WHY the article was published as a start point.

Let’s take drinking lemon water as an example… everyone will be familiar with the notion that this is a super healthy thing to do, and apparently has loads of benefits,

From detoxifying your body, to weight loss, to even fighting cancer.

==================================== Here is a summary of the scientific evidence to date within this popular area of nutrition:

DETOXES YOUR BODY: No scientific proof. GIVES YOU ENERGY: No scientific proof. AIDS DIGESTION: No scientific proof. BALANCES THE BODY’S pH: No PROMOTES WEIGHT LOSS: No FIGHTS CANCER: No FIGHTS CARDIOVASCULAR DISEASE: No PREVENTS COLDS: No scientific proof. PROTECTS FROM KIDNEY STONES: Likely. ====================================

So essentially, unless you are wanting to protect yourself from kidney stones?

Drinking lemon water is crazy unlikely to have any other additional benefits,

No matter how many social media influencers/ rock and roll stars/ footballers or otherwise say that there are.

Hope this helps you today to make the most effective decisions when it comes to your nutrition going forward from here!

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