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Burn out

Updated: Sep 19, 2019

Where you’re so tired the thought of doing any task makes you want to cry. 

When the thought of getting up to work makes you wonder why the hell you bother doing any of this. 

When every time little thing annoys you to the point you could happily stab someone & serve time for some peace and quiet. 

It’s real. 

Sometimes intentional or not we spend so much of our time giving to others we forget about ourselves. Doing overtime at work, helping a friend out in a difficult situation or agreeing to social occasions you actually don’t want to go to can all lead to burn out. 

Because time on your own is important. Uninterrupted time with your loved ones is necessary. 

You can only help others if your own oxygen mask is on. All the security leaflets on planes have told us this.

You can’t give to people if you’re so tired and worn down every time someone eats a crunchy biscuit you want to slap them. 

Take some time for YOU this week. 

Here’s me and my sister under HUGE reindeer

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