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3 things to include in your diet to reduce your menopause symptoms

I’m sure you’ve seen various cheesey quotes on Facebook about food being medicine, about how water will keep you healthy and how its not appropriate to eat and entire family size M&S triple chocolate cheesecake (you do whatever you won’t, I won’t judge).

But what if there are some simple things that you can do straight away to reduce your symptoms?

Sound too easy?... Almost suspicious. Maybe, but worth a shot right?

First one, drum roll please…



You can buy bags for as cheap as £2.50.

How much?

About 3 tsp daily


Flax seeds have been the topic of many studies around high blood pressure, around breast cancer and even in constipation. They help lock onto estrogen if you have excess and will also help naturally help boost estrogen.

Studies have shown that flaxseed aids hot flash reduction by upto 80% - the handy thing with this is that you can sprinkle it on your foods, mix it in with soups/ smoothies or even add it to your cereal.



As much as you want. You can get chickpeas for as little as 40p

How much? A good variety in your diet.


Phytoestroges are a natural way to increase your estrogen levels in your diet. Unlike synthetic hormones phytoestrogens mimic the hormones within your body better. If you have excess estrogen they will block it and if you levels are low they will help naturally boost them.

Studies have shown reduction in hot flashes, night sweats and even vaginal dryness. So where does the magic come from?

Chickpeas, soy, apples, plums, carrots, kidney beans, garlic, onion, broccoli, pumpkin and sunflower seeds are just to name a few.

Healthy fats


Depends what you’re into.

How much?

Bath in olive oil – kidding.


Can aid with depression, joint pain, fatigue, lifeless hair and skin aswell as difficulty losing weight. Healthy fats aid the production of hormones which is key during a time where production might be slowing down. You can only get this through your diet so look to add more foods like; olive oil, brazil nuts, walnuts, coconut oil, almond butter and oily fish.

So to sum up, fish with a flaxseed coating and a side of broccoli smothered in garlic…. Or a more tastier alternative.

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