On-Demand Workouts

It’s finally here!

Me on demand.

I know that live classes don’t fit in with everyone’s lives and going back to the gym can seem daunting and a tad scary.

So now you can access all the class recordings and more at anytime!

As well as Pilates every month I will upload new videos which will help you:

▪️ Stretch
▪️ Tone
▪️ Strengthen

Each video will be about 20 minutes each so you can squeeze in a quick workout or put together your own for just £10 a month (less than a couple of coffees for my adorable face)


Will the live classes still be on?

Of course!

Does this include the live classes?

It doesn’t, the live classes will be separate

Can I cancel anytime?

Yep! Life is hard enough I won’t add to that stress (only during classes)

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