30 Day Pelvic Floor Challenge
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Laughter without fear, it’s what we all want right?

1 in 4 women over 40 have some level of pelvic floor problem - although it’s common it’s not normal and it’s fixable in 95% of cases.

But we’re not told that we can fix it. Instead we laugh about needing nappy’s (diapers for my us ladies) and quietly get on with our day.

But having pelvic floor issues can be massively embarrassing. No body wants to leak a little during day to day activities.

So that’s why Kelly and I have created the 30 day Laughter Without Fear course. So if you want to:


  • Laugh, cough, sneeze without being scared

  • Fix your pelvic floor so surprise trumps aren’t a thing

  • Pelvic floor too tight? We can show you how to relax these muscles

  • Get back to exercise without worrying you’ve looked like you’ve wet yourself

We have 30 days of showing you how to:

  • Strengthen your pelvic floor

  • How to relax it if tightness is an issue

  • Engage properly so leakage becomes non existent

  • Daily accountability- you can forget with us 2 helping!

If you’re scared to come out of lockdown and start socialising because you know your friends make you laugh.

Or maybe you want to get back into running again.

Come and join us for 30 days. The cost is as little as £1 a day. More expensive than incontinence pads in the short term but you didn’t want to wear them anyway.

Come and join us.