Menopause / Peri-menopause

Peri-menopause/ menopause can be one of the most isolating times despite that at some point every woman will go through it. 


Second guessing if it’s your hormones or if it’s you?

Asking yourself if the symptoms you’re having are normal and how the heck do you find out without googling some very questionable things?


There is so many different areas menopause changes you – dry hair, dry skin, breast soreness, ready to murder your other half just for breathing a little louder than usual?


These are all symptoms of menopause, so how do you stop them or even help reduce them?


Maybe you’re tired of popping pills and wondering if there’s a more natural solution


This is where I step in. Giving you the down on dirty on all topics including constipation – because we’re only human afterall. 

A monthly support group done across different platforms. A members area on my website, a private facebook support group and a forum area on my website - so don’t fret if you don’t use social media.


What can you expect each month? 

  • Week 1 – We lay out a topic. For example pelvic floor, you will have access to some starter videos on the topic. What it is / why is it related to menopause / common issues. I also jump on live coaching calls and we cover some FAQs

  • Week 2 – Live webinar. We chat, maybe sip a glass of wine and I answer your concerns, your questions or maybe you just want to rant a little within the group.

  • Week 3 – We go deeeeeper. How can you fix this issue naturally? Is it common? Why does it happen? What are the solutions?

  • Week 4 – Q+A, maybe you’ve been for blood tests and have questions. Or a symptom has suddenly come up and you’re not sure if you should get it checked out. Chat to me/the group.

Prizes, competitions, book reviews, app reviews (so you don’t waste money on things that could be spent on snacks) giveaways and if you supply your address I’ll also be sending over little surprises – who doesn’t love to come home from work to a little something? 


Within the group we have a highly qualified resident nutritionist on hand to answer any questions that are diet related and busting myths. Life is too short to fret over calories in skimmed milk over full fat. So she will be onboard for you to pick her brains anytime!


What if I don’t relate to a topic – can I cancel and jump back in?

The joy of a subscription, just like others such as Netflix you can dip in and out as often as you like.

How long will I have access to the information?

Aslong as you are a member you will have access to the full back catalogue of content.

I don’t want to share my personal issues – can I still get advice?

100% you can ping me a private message and I’ll answer your question within the group but without mentioning any names. There’s a strong chance if you’re struggling other women are too


We're going live soon!