Corporate Workshops

Menopause in the workplace can be confusing and a hard topic to bring up. It can affect men as well as women and sometimes can be seen as a taboo subject. Menopause is a natural thing that every woman will go through at some point in their lives so let’s not shy away from the conversation.


Around 75-80% of women at menopausal age are in the workplace and supporting them is key for your business and 1 in 4 women have left or considered leaving the workplace because of their symptoms.

Running workshops in coperate environments can help teach women how to manage their symptoms and can also help managers understand what the women might be going through. Happier workplace = more productive staff.


Not only this but through running events it helps to break down the taboo around menopause, over 50% of women don’t disclose what they’re going through to their managers as they are scared they will be seen differently.


At some point in our lives we will either go through menopause or know someone who is going through it and it is time to start supporting the women who might be struggling.


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