About Me

Who I am I to tell you about menopause? 


You’re probably reading this thinking ‘she’s far too young to know’ 

And you’d be right in that I haven’t gone through it, but you can go through menopause at any age. So you never know when I might.




My names Jade, I am a women’s health expert and have lots of nice looking bits of paper to go with this title, but let me explain how I got into menopause coaching. 


Just shy of 10 years ago my friend fell pregnant. At the time I was working as a PT and when she asked me how to continue exercise, I didn’t know. But I wanted to. 

So I started and completed my Pregnancy Wellness Practioner course (what has this got to do with menopause I know you’re asking) and started on my journey of becoming a women’s health expert. After finishing this course I then began looking into postnatal wellness, along with that I also did a couple of pelvic floor qualifications. 


It was around this time I started treating women and running workshops for pelvic floor dysfunction, working with midwives and physiotherapists to help their clients run, laugh, cough without weeing a little that I started to notice the clients coming to me weren’t new mums like I had originally thought it would be. It was actually women going through peri-menopause (1 in 4 women over 45 will have some degree of urinary incontinence).

So began my journey of becoming a menopause expert which included becoming a hysterectomy coach, qualifications around nutrition and menopause, breast health, exercise, shoulder and back pain rehab. You name it, I've covered it.

On this journey I have helped hundreds of confused women going through peri-menopause get themselves back on track. With weight loss, brain fog, pelvic floor work and even just being there to help them acknowledge this change during their life. Without the scary google results. 


It’s confusing, it can be isolating but every woman will go through it, don’t suffer. Reach out.


I asked Jade to be part of one of my events ‘Women’s Health’ for The Yoga Social and she delivered above and beyond my expectations! Her knowledge, ability to make people feel at ease and her workshop delivery skills were fantastic, and the feedback from the members was outstanding.

Not only that, Jade was very easy to work with, deceivers her subject with authenticity and humour and is a leader in women’s health related topics (among others things). I would definitely work with Jade again int he future, and she is one of my highly recommended collaborators.” 


—  Elaine Denton - The Yoga Social

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